BEDBIN Upper Tray BedSlIDE



The BEDSLIDE upper BEDBIN adds an additional 16X48-Inch bin that mounts above any BedSLIDE?with a GUARDRAIL or TRAXRAIL kit. The upper BEDBIN provides added storage space for smaller items while still providing full use of your BEDSLIDE deck space. With your new upper BEDBIN you sit at 15 1/2-Inches off the floor of the truck bed allowing you space for items in the bin and still sliding all your items right under a tonneau cover.?From the BEDSLIDE deck to top of the upper bin is 11-Inches. Made in the USA with high quality products, Aluminum, composite, and all weather soft surface in the bin. For use of the upper BEDBIN with side BEDBINS be sure to measure your rail length. Make the most of your truck bed space with BEDBINS.

Includes: (1) 16X48-Inch BEDBIN.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 x 16.25 x 62.75 in


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