BedSLIDE Classic Guardrail 60 Inch Upgrade Kit


Not compatible with 2015 and earlier models


This BedSLIDE Classic guardrail for Classic 79 to 73-Inch sizes. This 60-Inch upgrade kit gets you more containment with Guardrails. Add Guardrails to any BedSLIDE 1000 CLASSIC. Guardrails provide containment to cargo and equipment from falling off the side of the BedSLIDE. With the added T-slot your options for cargo managment keep getting better. Not compatible with 2015 and earlier models.

  • EASY Installation with T-slot track and hand tighten attachment
  • EQUIPPED with (2) Guardrails and (2) towers
  • AVAILABLE in three sizes, 80-Inch, 60-Inch, and 50-Inch lengths
  • PART NUMBER BSA-GRK80 (95-Inch long applications), BSA-GRK60 (79-Inch to 70-Inch long applications), BSA-GRK50 (65-Inch and shorter applications)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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